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Mission statement

Work to survive, work to live

Are you also among those who work most of their time? At the workplace, in the household and at the place you volunteer? Do you like doing your job? Are you good in it? Maybe even excel at it? Does your job allow you to multiply your talents? Can you manage to contribute with your work for a better community, for a better world?

In the time of new technologies and the fourth industrial revolution, natures of our work and of the labour market are considerably changing. Companies are getting smaller, security is disappearing. Managers and leaders have difficulty finishing their business years with a positive balance sheet. We are forced into harder working conditions and into becoming (too) extremely flexible. It is more and more difficult to get a fair pay for work, and many people have a hard time earning enough money even for basic survival. The environment is changing rapidly, whilst economic and educational policies do not respond quickly enough.

Let us create a sustainable economic environment

Human dignity should always be in the centre of attention. The state should allow personal freedom and encourage his/her responsibilities. The economic environment should allow him/her a creative and decent living in all stages of life. The rules of the game must be clear and work of decision-makers should be transparent.

People need to be relieved from bureaucracy and taxes. The public services we enjoy now can be provided with less expense. Greater freedom in taxation must be linked with greater responsibility in respect to the most vulnerable. Social transfers should be fair.

Let us allow knowledge to flow

The educational system in an age of information is being put on a test. Learning must be based on solving specific problems and be socially oriented. The goals should be: useful knowledge and creative thinking.

Let us pluralize education. Let us introduce more opportunities for non-formal education into the system. Let us strengthen learning groups and community learning. Let us respond to a flexible labour market with lifelong learning and career orientation.

Let us stick together!

There is enough work for everyone. Let us organise educational, economic and labour legislation in a way that every individual can take advantage of all his talents in order to get decent pay for his work and contribute the most to the common good.